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For more than 30 years, South Florida AAZK has devoted its time and energy to holding fundraisers in order to support endangered animal and habitat conservation projects around the world. 

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  • SAVAGE: Art Made By Animals
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SFAAZK made donation to help protect Indian gharials


On June 27th 2015, Summer CrocFest took place at Everglades Alligator Farm in order to raise funds to support the conservation of critically endangered Indian gharials. The event included tours of Everglades Alligator Farm as well as dinner, drinks, t-shirts and a live auction. SFAAZK donated $250 to the cause and the event raised $23,000! All funds raised will go to the Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and the Gharial Conservation Alliance.

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Locally, nationally and internationally, South Florida AAZK is a vocal advocate for endangered species around the world. We support projects from every corner of the globe in order to help protect these species and the habitats they live in.

Extinction is FOREVER, which is why our various year-round fund raisers are so important to endangered species. Make a donation or attend one of our fundraisers and help us make a difference for these species around the world.


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Help us put a stop to extinction world-wide!

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Join local zoo keepers and help give a voice to endangered species around the world.